Some Endless names: Terrain

Ok, if those mini-chapters deserved a list, Endless Legend and its six thousand strings also need one. I’m getting stuck on the terrain section, considering some of the terrains are specific to foreign territories, therefore not having a defined translation. Here’s what I came up so far.

  • River -> Rio;
  • Inland Waters -> Corpo d’água: since even one tile can be considered a large body of water, this seems to fit much better than ‘água interior’;
  • Inland Waters (Desert) -> Oásis: tiles of the same type on different kinds of terrain have different names, so I’m considering changing this one to ‘Oásis’;
  • Coastal Waters -> Água costeira: Considering using simply ‘Costa’;
  • Dirt Field -> Campo enlameado: Visually matches to ‘lama’, but might need something better;
  • Forest -> Floresta;
  • Grassland -> Campina;
  • Cold Forest -> Floresta branca: Better than Floresta gelada/congelada;
  • Cold grassland -> Campina branca: see above;
  • Coral Reef -> Recife de corais;
  • Crystal Fiedl -> Campo cristalizado;
  • Crystal Forest -> Floresta cristalizada;
  • Crystal Ice -> Gelo cristalizado;
  • Drift Ice -> Gelo à deriva: I need to see it to know if it makes sense;
  • Dry Soil -> Terra seca;
  • Enchanted Forest -> Floresta encantada;
  • Frozen Grass -> Gramado congelado;
  • Frozen Spikes -> Espinhos congelados;
  • Frozen Waters -> Água congelada;
  • Frozen Inland Waters -> Água interna congelada: same case as Inland Waters;
  • Mountain Forest -> Serra: ‘Serra’ is a characteristic region from Minas Gerais, which consists of a dense tropical forest on high ground (not exactly a mountain, but works visually);
  • High Mountain Forest -> Serra;
  • High Snowy Field -> Terra nevada montanhosa: could be slightly improved;
  • Hot Prairie -> Pradaria tropical: needs a better translation;
  • Ocean -> Oceano;
  • Palm Trees -> Palmeiras;
  • Prairie -> Pradaria;
  • Red Rock -> Deserto vermelho: needs to check if it makes sense visually;
  • Red Soil -> Campos vermelhos;
  • Ridge -> Cordilheira: needs to check if it makes sense visually;
  • Sand Dunes -> Dunas;
  • Sandstone -> Arenito;
  • Sandstone Swirls -> Dunas de arenito: needs to check if it makes sense visually;
  • Savanna -> Savana;
  • Shrubland -> Matagal;
  • Snow -> Neve;
  • Snowy Field -> Campos nevados;
  • Rocky Field -> Campos rochosos;
  • Taiga -> Taiga;
  • Temperate Forest -> Floresta temperada;
  • Mountain Rock -> Montanha rochosa;
  • Wetland -> Pantanal;
  • Snowy Rocky Field -> Campos nevados rochosos;
  • Wasteland -> Terra desolada;

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