Some Endless names: Minor factions

This is the second list in a series where I write things are important for the translation of Endless Legend, this time, minor factions. Considerably harder than terrain name, since some of the minor factions’ names are words from languages other than English, or at least based on such. There is also the fact that I do not have access to the minds of those who named these factions, so I can’t be sure what some of those mean or what is the actual origin.

Note: Remember to check the Latin dictionary from now on. Google is shite.

  • Urces -> Orsos: The name reminds me of ‘urso’, with the creatures of this faction being gigantic ogres. I was going to go with ‘orco’, but its feminine noun, ‘orca’, would be identical to the name of an animal, so I changed to what it is now;
  • Erycis -> Erícis: Couldn’t find an origin, but is definitely Latin based, considering these are hydra-like creatures;
  • Ceratan -> Waxin: It is possible that the root comes from the Latin ‘cera’, so I decided to do the opposite and write in English;
  • Kazanji -> Kazanji: Seems to be from Japanese origin, but couldn’t find anything; Might be related to Kamaji, a spirit from Spirited Away, whose name means lit. “boiler geezer”, therefore related to fire; Also, the words Kaji (火事) plus Zan (残) means lit. “Residual Fire”, and the Kazanji live in cold places, feeding from fire and heat; It is also likely that the kanjis utilized are “Kazan” (火山), which means ‘Volcano’, and “Ji” (事), which means ‘Thing’, which translates lit. “Volcanic thing”;
  • Bos -> Bos: Latin word for “ox, bullock, cow”. Not the best word, considering they are centaurs based off the Huns;
  • Silics -> Sílicos: pretty straightforward;
  • Delvers -> Furnos: a synonym for ‘subterrâneo’;
  • Haunts -> Visagens: a synonym for ‘assombração’;
  • Sisters of Mercy -> Irmãs da Misericórdia: Not quite the best translation, due to its size;
  • Jotus -> Jortros: Likely a reference to Orthrus, a two-headed dog in Greek mythology. Orthrus is also a spider genus, just like Jotus;
  • Hurnas -> Hurnas: They seem to be an orcish race, but couldn’t find a relation to the name;
  • Gauran -> Toran: The word seems to come from French, and means “pig”. This same word was used to name an anthropomorphic pig in another game. Since their unit is a minotaur, I changed the name to be more like “touro”;
  • Nidya -> Nidya: Nothing was found about the word;
  • Geldirus -> Geldirus: The word comes probably from the Latin “gelidus”, meaning ‘cold, freezing’;
  • Eyless Ones -> Os visionários: An inversion from the original;
  • Dorgeshi -> Dorgeshi: Still not added to the game, might be changed in the future.

There are still more minor factions to be added to the game, for a total of 16, so I will update this list as they get released.


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