Meta-Meta #1 (& the localization of comics)

Quadrinho 1 – O primeiro quadrinho de todos

Quadrinho 1 – O primeiro quadrinho de todos

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The localization of comics

Today shall be marked as the day that nobody cared. It shall also be the day I decided to steer away from games for a while, and started working on comics more often. Quite ironic, considering just recently I received a fat check of $15 to translate Hashi Link (which I still need to post about), a small, and cool, iOS game. After so much time running around, translating games for free, offering my work for a low price, and getting nothing out of it, I decided to pursue the translation of comics.

Since I discovered Comic Fury, I had this idea on my head, of which I’m still unsure it was a good one, to ask mass permission to translate the comics found on that site. First, because I fell in love with some of those, comics delivered for free by talented artists, who also dream to pursue the dream of the liberal arts. Second, because comics are an actually viable market here on Brazil. Not to say that translated games don’t sell here, but to say that only the biggest ones, those AAA titles that are either translated by an internal team or by a major translation company, are profitable. Indie games will never sell enough to justify translating them to Portuguese, considering the few people from here that buy them already speak English fluently, or at least well enough to understand the game.

This doesn’t mean I gave up on games forever, as I plan on contacting a special someone to try and set up a special contract, but if I want to live of translating, and translating something I love, I can’t justify wasting my time with games alone. Comic books, on the other hand, have a much more open market here, being sold on Anime festivals, literature events, and on book stores in general. Who knows, I might try striking a publishing deal with someone, and publish one of the comics found on Comic Fury here on Brazil (as long as the creators are okay with it), with me being the privileged one translating them. At the very least, I will gain experience with the medium, which will help me find a job on a Publisher house that focuses on comics.

Well, enough with this rant. Let’s keep translating stuff! FOR PONY!


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