Meta-Meta #2 (& the indexation of colors)

Quadrinho 2 – No melhor painel do bairro

Quadrinho 2 – No melhor painel do bairro

Fonte utilizada: Arial

Sivrus (a.k.a. Seeen) é o dono dos direitos autorais desta tira.
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The indexation of colors

It’s funny how the greatest challenges I’ve faced ‘till this day are things I’d never learn in University, and that’s my main issue with how they teach things there. Not to say that what they teach there is useless, quite the contrary. I learned a lot of skills during my time there (specially on my internship) that I use to this day, specially the skill to know where to look for answers. But with the new kinds of media becoming more and more prevalent, they need to update their classes. Take for example today’s comic, where I tried for several minutes to write ‘Saí p/ comer’ with the paintbrush tool, and, for some reason, the text would never show up with transparent pixels on the borders, in order to smooth out the text. I kept trying to change the brush, its size, the opacity, everything, and nothing worked. It took me quite some time to notice that the mode of the image was ‘Indexed’, instead of ‘RGB’, meaning it only accepted adding pure white or pure black, no in-between.

I can say the same about working with games. All the file formats you have to learn, the tools you need to download, keeping contact 24/7 with the programmer because sometimes the text will be bigger than the space allowed by the game, sometimes the game doesn’t support accented letters, sometimes it doesn’t even accept the use of genders, since it was created for the English language (f- you, Crusader Kings II, f- you). These are things that will never, ever happen while working with a book, or a thesis, which is all they know there.

Sure, I’ll admit they are not that old-school anymore, they will teach you how to use a couple of software, but that’s about it. During my time there, they thought me how to use Microsoft Word to edit text. That’s it. All I know about InDesign came from the internship, and everything else (Photoshop, Gimp, Notepad++, some C++, HTML and CSS,  even Excell) came from self-learning. During all these years working alone I learned how to program basic software, so that I could understand the mindset behind games; I learned how to edit fonts so that I could hack some accents into a game; I learned to mod with a variety of tools, so that I could translate; I learned how to mess around with Gimp, so that I could work with webcomics. And yet, I’m unskilled compared to someone who has a Bachelors in translating, because I didn’t go to classes where you compare two sentences and decide why one has italic and the other doesn’t. Those who study linguistics, and things related to such, think they are part of the exact sciences, that they are the mathematicians of letters, instead of being part of the liberal arts.

Bah! I should stop using these comics as soapboxes. Capitalism-Ho!


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