Meta-Meta #10 (& the finding of fonts)



Fonte utilizada: Arial e Arial Bold

Fastbro é o dono dos direitos autorais desta tira.
Link para a tira original.

The finding of fonts

Look, I never said I would stop completely with the rants, just that I should focus more on the comics, and that’s what I did, until I found this one.

If you’ve payed any attention to the Meta-Meta comics, you will notice that this one uses a slightly different style of drawing, more to hand-drawn than computer graphics. But the biggest tell of a different author is the font. Instead of a default font, it uses a handwritten one, which is cool and pretty, but fucks me up pretty hard. Finding that font on the internet should be nigh on impossible, and using another one similar is also hard, so I just used the one I’ve been using on the ones before, Arial (Bold).

The reason I don’t translate more comics is exactly this one: I simply can’t justify translating a comic and not having a font similar to the original one. So many funnies I skipped posting here simply because it uses a handwritten or customized font. Since I promised I would translate all from this series, I went and did what I am loath to do anyway, which pains me. But I suppose this is another reason to keep doing it, so I can see what I need to improve, or learn to do, like (re-)creating fonts.


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