Some Endless names: Lore

With strength renewed, we press on to the finish line, never looking back.

Here be stuff related to the lore of the game, like important names, and… stuff:

  • Dust magic -> força do Pó, magia do Pó: The second use for Dust is magic. It seems to be possible to channel its magic into one self, or another being. Different factions can use it to different degrees and areas;
  • Unspoken -> Infalável: The Unspoken appears to be a kind of demigod of the Cultists’ lore. Although he never shows himself in the game, he is allured several times. He has many facets, each with its own name and personality. I considered doing something similar to Voldemort (O Que Não se Deve Mencionar), but capitalization and size would be a problem;
  • Cilginka -> Ciljinka: Another facet of the Unspoken, used to “increase the fervor and focus of […] troops;”
  • Isiver -> Isiver: It’s very much possible I won’t translate most of the names herein contained, but it’s nice to have a list. One of the many facets of the Unspoken, “believed in harmony and mediation”;
  • Intikadal -> Intekadal: Another facet of the Unspoken, this one about “justice and vengeance.” Interestingly enough, the tooltip about this facet says “was obsessed”, meaning that maybe the people believe the Unspoken used to be alive but is now dead(?).
  • Ardent Inquisition -> Inquisição Ardente;
  • Zarcha Attinul -> Zarca Attinul;
  • Dune Ridges -> Labirinto de dunas: the place in which Zarca Attinul got lost during her coming of age expedition (do all Ardent Mages have one?);
  • East Sandsea Hall -> Hall Oriental dos Mares de Areia: an accademy where Ardent Mages are trained. The place in which Zarca Attinul learned part of what she knows;
  • High Inquisitor Asalah Arca -> Inquisidora-geral Asalah Arca: she allows me to confirm the Ardent Mages are based on the Middle Eastern culture, since in her story someone steals flatbread;
  • Felkani clan -> Clã Falkanis: A clan of which Asalah Arca is a part of. They inhabit some of the worst desert in Auriga. It seems that the Ardent Mages are highly connected to the desert and hot places (duh);
  • Sunseeker Zakiya Eli -> Filha-do-Sol Zakiya Eli: another exiled hero from the Ardent Mages. Someone with a religious background that grew in the politics and allowed her clan to be slaughtered by Necrophages. A fanatic;
  • Al-Rubit -> Al-Rubit: a religious group. No more information is known besides being raised to power by Sunseeker Zakiya;
  • Saoshyant -> Saoshyant: A direct reference to “a figure of Zoroastrian eschatology who brings about the final renovation of the world, the Frashokereti.” banished Zakiya Eli from the Ardent Mages;
  • Nahla al-Jazar, Argbadh of the Phoenix -> Nahla al-Jazar, Castelã da Fênix: Although Argbadh should be a valid word, I wanted to make it easier for the reader. Arg- means ‘castle, and -Badh means ‘oppress’;
  • Lords of the Amber Plains -> Senhores das Planícies Âmbar: Related to the Broken Lords lore;
  • The Sharing -> A Partilha: A sixth sense that the Wild Walkers have. This allow them to feel the presence of enemies inside their borders;
  • Amber Fields -> Planície Âmbar: The place where some of the Broken Lords live and protect from the necrophage;
  • Sokwa clan -> clã Sócra;
  • Onontio -> Ononsho;

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