Orcish Inn & some rants

First things first.

Tradução do jogo Orcish Inn (Orcish Inn translation): Link
Nota: O jogo não possui suporte a acentos e nem todo o jogo está disponível para tradução no arquivo de línguas (The game does not support accented characters yet, and not all text is available for translation on the language file).

Time to add another game to my list of games I will keep updating since it’s in alpha. I’m at the same time glad and upset. On one hand, since the release of Dungeon of the Endless I was ever in need of a new project to relax from Endless Legend. Since it’s so early in development there is bound to be a lot of additions and therefore a lot of strings to translate, which is great, since I simply can’t work on the same content for long periods of time, and with games in alpha I always have some time to chill out or work on something else until the next update (although they could stop updating always on the same week, dammit)!

On the other hand, here I am, doing work for free. Although this is good to maintain the brain sharp and learn new things, it’s quite annoying that to be rejected application after application. Even though I’ve finished more works than most leaving university, it seems my resume is useless. Companies rarely ever pay for freelancers, since it’s easier to hire a multinational business, and those have yet to answer my applications. Every time I watch a movie, visit a website, or play a translated game, I see all those newbie mistakes (out of context, literal and outright wrong translations) that only those without language knowledge or love for the labor would make. Twitch, for example, has yet to respond to my request to change their awful e-mail title in Portuguese, which was obviously translated with a tool like Google Translator, since it makes absolute no sense contextually.

I will stop here, since this should be about the Orcish Inn translation, but it annoys me to no end seeing these people work for the most interesting companies and not even care. I imagine most of them are people that live abroad and, since they have ‘a good understanding of the language’, they get the job, even though it’s unlikely they studied anything close to the subject of languages. Since I’m not lucky enough to ever have traveled to an English speaking country, I can’t say in my resume that, and so I stay here, sucking on my thumb, working for free. Don’t get me wrong, I love translating these games, even though most of them are downloaded by just a couple dozen people, but I wished I actually got paid sometimes…


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