Dwarf Tower

Description: Dwarf Tower is a turn-based tactics game of tower building and spellcasting. Each turn you develop your tower by placing blocks, constructing rooms, and play various spells. Your tower can have Libraries (store spells), Crystals (generate mana), Dwarf Dwellings (give you dwarves to repair the tower) and some other rooms. The crucial room is Archmage’s Chamber. It’s position is hidden from enemy and you must protect it at all costs, or you will lose. Room scheme is very important: the higher you place it, the more powerful it gets. Higher tower gets tremendous advantage over the lower one. But beware of Lightning strike! It can start a fire that will destroy the whole tower in several turns, so keep Dwarf Firefighters ready. Some rooms work much better underground, but there is a risk of flood! The overall goal of the game match is to destroy the enemy’s Archmage’s Chambers by crushing, burning or flooding it. It’s not that simple however, because enemy will do his best to destroy your Archmage at the same time!

Development stage: Release 1.1
Translation: Up-to-date [Link]

About the translation: While reading the /r/IndieGaming subreddit, I found an article about indie devs trying to ‘get free’ from the shackles of Greenlight. I skimmed the article and went right away to the link of one of the games stuck there (from the dev responsible for this ‘movement’). There I saw an offer to help localize the game and suddenly I had a copy of the game and the language files.
The translation was rather easy, with very few strings and no special cases. Very straightforward, having only to worry about the size of the strings (since the game is also available on iOS), luckily it was possible to swap the language files and test it before handing over to the devs.



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