Orcish Inn

Description: Orcish Inn is a tavern simulation game, where the player raises crops, brews beer, creates an inn and serves the incoming, orcish guests. To raise high quality crops like barley or hop, he has to keep an eye on wetness, eutrophy, windbreak and plant density. These crops are then processed to malt, wort and beer while the player can determine the beer’s final characteristics like alcoholic strength or acerbity.

Development stage: Pre-alpha 0.0.9
Translation: Up-to-date [Link]

About the translation: I began following the game a bit before it released, since the theme intrigued me. The idea of a relaxing game about an orc tending to an inn is quite interesting, so I couldn’t wait for the release. Since the dev decided to release the game’s pre-alpha for free (and I imagine he will start charging for the alpha when it reaches Steam and use the pre as a demo) I decided to check it out. Not only quite simple, it was very charming (the gusts of wind blowing through my crops always amaze me), and, since the language files were open for perusal, why not give it a try, right?